Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Impossile is now Possible - the comeback of Instant Film.

I'm in a great mood today, and not because I found five dollars in my coat pocket (although that didn't hurt matters). No, no...this is in response to something really spectacular. This morning on my drive in to work, during my ritual morning intake of other smart stuff on NPR, I heard what I've been waiting to hear.

Instant Film is back. That's right, dust off the Polaroid camera you've been using as a paper weight. Thanks to the team at The Impossible Project, today marks the reemergence of instant film. Starting on March 25th, monochrome instant film (compatible with Polaroid 600 cameras) is available on their website. A new color version of the old classic will be available sometime this summer.

I'm beyond psyched. No more searching for barely expired film on ebay. While the new film supposedly has a much sharper image quality, which won't give quite the same nostalgic quality as the old film, I'm happy to have it. A big Kudos! to the Impossible Project!

Check out the whole story from NPR here. Check out The Impossible Project's journey here.