Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jeaneen's 50th Birthday - A Metamorphosis

Two weekends ago I got to photograph my fun co-worker, Jeaneen's, 50th birthday party. She called it a "Metamorphosis" into the next stage of her life, and was sure to have plenty of butterflies around! The party was held at the Harbor House on Meyers Lake in Canton, Ohio. It's a private little...well...harbor house, complete with kitchen and bar. It was a beautiful little building. I didn't even know it existed. It would be a fun place for a bridal or baby shower or even a VERY SMALL wedding reception (especially on a nice summer or fall day when you could take advantage of the deck over the water!). Mia Macomson and her band provided the musical entertainment, and they were fantastic! I know everyone there had a complete blast. I know I did, and I was just the photographer! Here are a few pictures of the evening...enjoy!

Jeaneen Metamorphisis 544

Jeaneen Metamorphisis 514

Jeaneen Metamorphisis 164

Jeaneen Metamorphisis 110

Jeaneen Metamorphisis 073

Jeaneen Metamorphisis 078